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have you ever been called a terrible name? been victimized by racism? been called on a sexist comment? gotten beaten to a bloody pulp because of your sexuality? have been terrorized or harassed just because you have a different a opinion or BECAUSE you your self IS different? even if you yourself…

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Confession 8 

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i remember the episode where Wolfwood died, i cried for weeks. it wasn’t just because it was Wolfwood, and he died….it felt like i was losing a father figure. 

when Trigun first started i do what i always do when i watch a anime i like. 

i role play, create a character, and make a fan fiction in my head. 

and in the fan fiction i was making in my head Vash was my man of choice, but Wolfwood…was my characters adopted father…he took her in when no one else would. She was the oldest of the orphans, and so was also the first one Wolfwood took in and decided to take in more. i played it all out in my head as the episodes came up and every night i would role play in my head what my character would do. 

When Wolfwood died…it felt like i lost a father as my Character did….so i couldn’t stop crying because i felt what my Character felt.


So…   On the first night,
a pebble falls to the earth from somewhere.

So…   On the second night,
The pebble’s children hold hands and sketch a waltz.
Sound life

So…   On the third night,
The children of the waltz cause ripples on the face of the world

So…   On the fourth night,
the children of the wave spray the shore.
Sound life

So…   On the fifth night,
those shards strike the face of the earth over and over.

So…   On the sixth night,
those signals bring travellers together.
Sound life

So…   On the seventh night,
a weightless ship races to the sky.

So…   On the eighth morning,
a song from somewhere reaches my ears.
Sound life

Well then…   A song that has recorded everything
echoes to the new sky.
Sound life
Sound life

their’s just something about this song that just seems so whimsical! i love this song, it makes me want to hug my hubby.











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Confession 6

when i met Legato Bluesummers for the first time, i’ll never forget how he made me feel. the way he talked, the way he walked, his gestures, especially the way he squeezed the head of the girl and then let her go and she skipped off like nothing happened just sent me shivers down my spine! he is one of the top ultimate bad guys for me. i mean to me he was even better than knives…i mean…Knives NEVER made me feel as creeped out or as terrified as Legato Bluesummers did….and to this day every now and again he STILL does…


Confession 5

when i watched episode 12 “Diablo” for the first time, it become one of my favorite episodes. when it reached the end of the episode and Vash had his second gun to the guys head, tempted as ever to pull that trigger and end his life. i was on the edge of my seat the entire time! at one point i remember screaming at the T.V. and i quote “No Vash! No! Rem won’t…REM WILL BE SAD IF YOU KILL HIM!” then suddenly, almost as if he heard me…he stopped and then said himself "This is all I can do. If I… If I shoot him now, you really would die. It would be wrong to shoot him, right!?" i almost cried because even though i know very well that he didn’t hear me…just the fact it felt real enough to me to feel that he did stop because of what i yelled…it made me feel so good. it was the best feeling in the world to me.


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